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Sum of Parts.

Even the broken clock gets to be write twice a day
I right down the time so I no too stay
In the pursuit of that which we believe
We want, we need, and we desire
We become
Lost in the pace
Lost in the running
Lost in the chasing
Chasing ideas and chasing the future
And forgetting that life is about people

Life is about you and me and people
Whether you'd like to believe it or not
The good people and the bad people
And Everyone in between

Not you over there and I over here
Living in separate vacuums of space

And I'd like to think that all these parts really
don't add up
Or have to add up
That a simple sum does not make a whole
And that a hole can, in fact, be a boon.

Maybe we are more than what has been
If we could ever get around to living.
Maybe we are louder than what was silenced
If we could ever stop enough to listen.